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Private Label Cleaning Products

Do you need high-quality and eco-friendly private label cleaning solutions that fit the needs of your company and change your entire industry?

We're ready to accept your cleaning challenges!


Discover how our clients benefit from their private label cleaning products?

Download our private label success case

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Wondering about the impact of a private label product on your company? 

Fill out the form above and download our success cases!

Download product details


There are many cleaning products which are often a perfect way to solve basic challenges. However, you might lack the extra touch to tailor these products to your company's specific requirements. Or maybe these alternatives are not in accordance with existing regulations. In that case, generic solutions are the perfect alternative!

Learn more

Work with tailor-made chemical cleaning products optimized for your industry

Reduce costs due to higher concentrations, and lower dilution

Work with environmentally friendly products 

Improve safety for your workers 

Work with packaging according to your wishes

Gain commercial advantages    

Perhaps other companies -or customers- can also benefit from your product. That's why WVT has been retro-engineering existing solutions for over 35 years. When customers provide us with a certain product and explain their problems, we search for a solution which fits their needs. We create and distribute private label products in packaging from 1 litre to tanks up to 35 000 litres, according to the customer's requirements. 

Over the past few years we have developed several products for the maritime, chemical and food industry. Besides that, we launched countless chemical solutions for SMEs.


A tailor-made solution for your company?

Do you want first and foremost a cost-saving, efficient and eco-friendly product for your own company, without distributing it to your customers or competitors? 

Discover how generic solutions may help you.  

Why should you use our Private Label solutions?

A lot of companies experience issues when using cleaning products. They have too many suppliers for the different products, costs are high while eco- and user-friendliness are low, products are not 100% tailored to their needs, ... or maybe their solution simply doesn't exist yet. Time to create and distribute your own solution!

Over the past 35 years WVT has helped several companies (ranging from small businesses to enormous companies) to create a private label cleaning solution which they distributed themselves. 

Discover more about how we can help you!

Work with highly efficient generic solutions, enabling you to work in less time, at lower temperatures and with reduced mechanical support

Reduce costs with 10-35%

Work with chemical products that conform to CLP regulations (both in terms of product and material safety data sheets)

Meet all (environmental) standards

A private label generic solution is completely tailored to your company's needs. On top of that, it's adapted to the to the circumstances faced by employees.

Tailor-made solutions

Release your generic product under a private label to create a new commercial opportunity for your company

Seize new commercial opportunities

WVT Industries

Industrieweg 6
2630 Aartselaar
Tel.: +32 3 870 70 90

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